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Get a 5-page Mobile-Friendly Website, Hosting, Email Marketing, Maintenance, & more in my Complete Website Package Starting at just $29/month.

Are you tired of having a clunky or outdated website that doesn't do anything for you?

Discover why my clients get results with their sites!

Hi, I'm Zack Ellington, owner of Ellington Marketing, LLC.

I've been building conversion-focused websites for over twenty years, so I know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. A website should be more than just a pretty should be a tool that promotes your goals automatically.

If you're tired of having a clunky website that just sits there, doing nothing for you or your business, why not make the switch today?

Whether you're using my pre-built themes or my fully custom designs, I can promise you that your website will be more than just a pretty will be a powerhouse built for converting visitors into clients and will look great on mobile devices.

Still need convincing? Here's what you'll get:

  • Fully mobile responsive, conversion-focused design
  • Home page & any 4 inner pages + blog section
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    Free included domain name (.com, .net, or .org, + more supported)
  • Intuitive Website editing & CMS tool
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    Integrated Contact form to collect website leads
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    On-page SEO to make your site Search Engine Friendly
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    24/7 Website Analytics - View Traffic, page views, and more
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    Send up to 10,000 newsletter emails per month
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    Lifetime Maintenance – CMS updates, backups, technical support, etc.

With all these great features, you're probably thinking,

Is this guy worth my time?

And for many of my readers, the answer is NO. Here's why:

Don't use my service if...

  • You expect to get rich quickly relying ONLY on your website...A website is just one tool in your toolbox and is not the magic bullet to success.
  • You're happy with your current design...My service is tailored to those wanting a refreshed look based on converting visitors into clients. If you hand over the reigns of design, trust me to build the site using principles that can provide a high conversion rate.
  • You want to exert full control over the design process of the site...My service is for clients who are busy running their business and need someone who knows their stuff to manage their online presence.

You're still here? Good.

Here's what you can expect from me...

  • A fantastic website that looks great on mobile devices and is built with conversions in mind.
  • Amazing tools for you to grow your business or organization while keeping your website fresh.
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    Awesome ongoing support to keep your website updated and secure.

Testimonials from my Amazing Clients

Here's what my clients have to say about my service...

As an IT manager, you strive to find professionals who have the perfect mix of programming skills, UX design, problem-solving and customer service skills. Zack has it all in spades! Not only did he get my website vision, he improved it beyond my wildest dreams making the final product slick, polished and extremely easy-to-use. Everyone who has seen it says the same things, “Wow. Impressive!” I agree.

If you are considering hiring someone to build your website, I highly recommend Zack with no reservations. My site was fairly complicated. It ended up being about 24 pages and included a Shop page, private Member’s Hub and opt-in/out function. I really appreciated how knowledgeable Zack was about how to “boot strap” a number of resources to create an integrated web page. Likewise, he was extremely patient in training me on basic WordPress Editor skills so that I can do minor updates myself. He’s also a very fast web programmer.

What else can I say? He’s professional, talented and extremely results-oriented. I’m really glad I picked him and look forward to working with Zack on my future marketing endeavors!

Mary Kay Sellek

In the early winter of 2010 I was living in Asheville, North Carolina, a small quaint mountain town in western North Carolina. I needed to build a website and came across Zack at Ellington Marketing. I was totally in his hands. Zack built me a website and then did Search Engine Optimization on it. The website took off like a skyrocket and soon I was happier than a kid with sparklers at a Fourth of July picnic.

That was all ten years ago. I now live in Europe. Since then he has helped me build other websites, done Google adwords, SEO and formatted a book of mine for sale on Amazon paperback. I cannot think of anyone more talented, more reliable, more proficient and more knowing the website field.

Gary Williams

I contacted Zack to do create an online shopping site that would allow our nonprofit to have funds for operation. He was so professional, pleasant to work with, and knowledgeable in the creation. He gave me a lot of guidance without taking away the from my ideas of what I wanted it to look like. He also was readily available to answer any of my questions that I had concerning the day to day running and functions of the site. I should also note that he is far more reasonable than some of the quotes I was given. I would recommend him to anyone, and have to others already.

Holly Rickman

Zack did a great job creating my company website. I gave him the text and he made it "come to life" by using his artistic and programming skills. Zack produces great quality products for a reasonable price. I highly recommend Zack's services!

Lisa Sommerfeldt

Zack migrated our website and implemented an effective and easy-to-use content management system for us. His cost schedule is very reasonable and he has responded quickly to any changes or updates we have needed. I highly recommend Zack and Ellington Marketing.

Jim Meredith

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