Why Raleigh SEO Matters

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We believe your business deserves to be seen online. Every day people are turning to the web to solve problems and research businesses. Click the button to the right to see our online promotion packages so that the next time someone is searching for a service you offer, they’ll find you.


If you own a North Carolina business that services the Raleigh area then I’d like to ask you a simple question, is your website bringing you new clients? It’s one thing to have a website. Most businesses these days have what I like to call “Brochure sites.” These websites were created to give a little information on the company and little more. Even worse, the business owners have no way to see if anyone is actually viewing the website or how many clients per week they are receiving from their business website.

[lightboxframe_small link=”https://ellingtonmarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/raleigh-seo-marketing.png” title=”Raleigh SEO Marketing” position=”right”]These “Brochure sites” are not effective for bringing you new clients. Isn’t that what your website should do? It should not only inform visitors, but it should be optimized to convert these visitors into clients.

What good is a business website if it never receives any visitors? These days, it’s not enough just to publish a website and hope someone stumbles on it, you have to actively promote it, whether that be through social media marketing, press releases, paid online advertising, or other means. What’s important for business owners to understand is that their website has the potential to bring in consistent quality leads and dramatically increase their revenue.

Now, why does Raleigh SEO matter? Every day, a larger percentage of the population seek solutions for their problems online over searching through a phone book. Online searching is faster, more convenient, and offers searchers the opportunity to read customer reviews so that they can make a more educated decision. If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search results, your business is invisible to this huge market segment and you are losing money to your competitors who are on the front page.

Investing directly in your visibility in search engine results such as Google and Bing, the process referred to as Search Engine Optimization, provides a much better return on investment when compared to more traditional forms of advertising. It is also the most trackable. When you invest in Raleigh SEO through a legitimate company, you’ll receive traffic reports, keyword reports, and other metrics so you know exactly how many clients are finding you through your website and how they came to land on your website in the first place.

Local Targeting – The Power Behind Raleigh SEO

In addition to the higher ROI and transparency your business receives through SEO over traditional marketing avenues, a well-managed SEO campaign will be familiar with your serviceable area and take that into consideration when choosing which search terms are worthwhile to target. If you take our own site, Ellington Marketing, for example, we service the Raleigh area, and therefore target Raleigh SEO as a worthwhile search term to rank highly for in search engines.

Take Action Today

If you do have a business that services the Raleigh area and your website isn’t generating traffic for you, I urge you to take a look at what we can do for your business. With our services, your website will benefit from an increased web presence, increased traffic, targeted leads, and more revenue. We build up the web presence of your business and make you more money. When you invest in SEO, especially Raleigh SEO, you will tap into a growing demographic of local online clients who will find you when they search for a service you offer. Contact us today for a free quote, where we will take a look at your website and tell you exactly where you rank in the search engines and where we believe you could benefit the most. What good is your website if no one can see it? Turn to Ellington Marketing to give your business website the exposure it deserves.