Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: June 22, 2018


The following statements relate to all products and services offered by Ellington Marketing, LLC. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Ellington Marketing, LLC. We have server resources that support our infrastructure and network of clients as well as our own business goals.

Acceptable use means that since you, as a user of our services, have access to this network and its resources, you are subject to following local, state, and federal laws, as well as our own rules, when using our services. Therefore, you must abide by those laws and our terms and conditions and privacy policies. This Acceptable Use Policy outlines actions that you cannot do when utilizing our services.

A breach or violation of any of the statements below will result in an immediate termination of your Services.

Abusive Processes

You may not host scripts or processes that adversely impact the ability of other users to utilize their services. 

Adult Material

We do not allow adult material of any kind. Adult material includes nudity, porn, adult banner exchanges, etc. Links to other websites containing adult material are also not permitted. We reserve the right to suspend any account that fails to comply with this guideline.

Anonymous Proxies

You may not use our Service as a proxy due to the negative impact they pose to our network.


You agree that if the IP address assigned to your account becomes listed on an abuse database/blacklist, we have the right to take reasonable action, including suspending and/or terminating your Service.


You may not use our Service to discuss or distribute information regarding hacking tools or activities. Additionally, using our infrastructure, network, or servers to access any other system without the owner's consent is prohibited.

Illegal Activity

You may not use our Service for any purpose that violates local, state, federal, or international laws.

Network Daemons

You may not use our Service for any process that opens a network socket to accept connections from an outside or external network.

Personal Backups

You may not use our Service as a download repository, data backup, or archiving purpose. You agree to use our Service primarily for the purpose of hosting a website and its associated email functions.

Additionally, mail accounts cannot be used for file storage. We maintain the right to delete your mail archives if they become too large. We also reserve the right to bill you at the right of $1.50 per additional 10GB if you exceed your allocated transfer bandwidth for designated term.

Scraper Sites

You may not use our Service to create scraper sites, a website in which its content is scraped from another without permission.


You may not send an email using a return email address which is not the address of the sender. Additionally, you may not use our Service to impersonate another person or entity, including spoofing email or network packet headers.


You may not use our service for the sending of unsolicited emails or messages (spamming). You must ensure that all recipients have personally subscribed to receive your emails and have an included URL within your message to unsubscribe.

Service Interruptions

You may not use our Service for any activity which impacts the availability of our network, infrastructure, or servers, such as Denial of Service attacks.


If you believe a client utilizing our hosting services is in violation of this policy, contact us at

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